Lube service

Lube service
When we service your car, we follow the manufacturers service logbook. We  recommend the best possible treatment for the vehicle to keep it in good working order.
  • logbook service: whatever is suggested by the manufacturer.
  • simple lube service: quick engine oil and oil filter replacement, visual safety check, lights and driving control check, top up the coolant, fluids, drive belt, stamp service book.
  • minor service: engine oil and oil filter replacement, safety check and driving controls check, tyre pressure adjustment, air and cabin filter clean or replacement, brake check, drive-line oils & fluids check, drive belts check, brake fluid & coolant check for contamination, battery test, lube all door hinges, locks, stamp service book
  • lube & tune means full service with tune-up
 Logbook serviceSimple Lube serviceMinor ServiceLube’n’Tune
(full service)
Change engine oil and filter    
Perform Visual safety check    
Check lights and driving controls    
Top up fluids (Coolant, wiper fluid, brake fluid, power steering)    
Check drive belt    
Adjust tyre pressures    
Clean or replace air and cabin filter     
Check brakes     
Top up drive line fluids (Gearbox and differential oil)    
Test battery    
Lube door hinges and locks     
Grease steering and suspension points